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Making a Militaria collection

A militaria collection is a popular hobby which makes you travel along History. Militaria collectors have various specializations : some are fascinated by the US or the Soviet Army, some focus a specific war (WW2, the Civil War, Vietnam...) and some only collect one type of items (helmets, knives, medals,...). 

On Militaria-Deal.com, we help you find the masterpiece for your militaria collection. The Top 100 Militaria Auctions is a popular page among collectors as it helps you find the missing Grail for your collection.

How to get rare militaria from here ?

You have found a nice German bayonet or an authentic Japanese katana from WW2. that you want to add to your collection? Just click on the item and we will automatically redirect you towards a website where you can find it. We source our items from serious militaria dealers and collectors from all over the world : USA, UK, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Japan and many other countries. 

How much does a rare militaria item worth ?

The value of a militaria item depends of various factors :
- the rarity of the item. Of course a rare WW1 medal with a name on it will be more expensive than a modern military medal,
- the quality of the item: a well preserved item will retain its value, especially for old items like a WW1 helmet. 
- some armies or weapons are more popular amongst collectors than others. Civil War militaria is very popular in the USA for example. 

To give you some precise examples, a WWII FJR Clarkson Neb. Richtig Fighting Knife will be found above $1,200 and a M42 German helmet from WW2 will be available around $500.

What are the most popular military items ?

It depends how you rank militaria items. If you rank them by periods of time, then WW2 and WW1 are clearly the most sought-after militaria items but Civil War militaria and Vietnam War are also very popular. 

If you look at countries then German, US, British militaria are the most collected items.

Anf finally, if you look at militaria types, then helmets, bayonets, medals, trench knives and swords are the most popular militaria items. 

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions on how we select our militaria items or about a specific militaria you would like to know more about.