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Collecting German militaria :

Germany, and before Prussia, being a major actor of WW2, WW1 and many other European wars, original German militaria is very popular all over the world. The most collected items are the helmets like the famous Prussian Spiked-Helmet (Pickelhaube in German) or the Stahlhelm M17, or the WW2 M35 and M40. 

WW2 German militaria for sale :

On this page you will find a selection of authentic WW2 German militaria, including rare collectables. You are looking for a German Sniper Scope, or a WW2 German bayonet or trench knife. Our team daily selects the rarest German military items for collectors, and also some more common items.



A selection of WW1 German helmets for militaria collectors 

Several militaria collectors are looking for authentic WW1 German helmets for their collection. We select on this page the most interesting WW1 German Stahlhelms that we can find online. For example, we display a WW1 German M16/M17 Stahlhelm “Coal Bucket” Steel Helmet in April and it has been sent for $743 to a German militaria fan. WW1 helmets of the German army are very interesting, especially the M16 and M17 helmets. Some German helmets have been restored, some others are in the condition they have been found. Of course an authentic WWI German helmet is a masterpiece for any collection about German militaria. 

Is German militaria trade legal ?

Of course, it is. German militaria items are interesting non-political objects and it is important to collect and study them. On the contrary, political objects promoting the ideas of the 3rd Reich are forbidden in many countries. Sometimes the distinction is not that easy (for WW2 German uniforms for example), if you have any doubts, check your local law, it is not the same law in Australia, in the States or in the UK

What is the value of German militaria collectables ?

It depends of course of the rarity of the item, its quality, its history and the number of bidders. To give you some precise examples, an original German WW1 M17 Camouflage Helmet will be above $500, a WW1 Pickelhaube helmet will be found around $250 and a WW2 German Luftwaffe Leather Pilot's jacket will be around $200. If you are looking for more common items, click on the "Next page" button below our selection.

Where to get German militaria ?

Well, you're on the right place. We select the best militaria items from various serious professionals online. Just click on the item you like and we will automatically redirect you towards the merchant site where you can find it. If you have any questions about a German militaria item, you can send us an email or have a look to German militaria forums online.