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A selection of rare WW2 holsters for collectors.

You are fascinated by holsters from the World War 2 ? Well you are on the right page ! Discover our selection of rare originals holsters. You are looking for a German WW2 Luger Mauser P08 holster P38 or a Japanese Nambu Type 14 WW2 Holster, you will be able to find some authentic ones here. An old holster is a remarkable addition to any WW2 militaria collection. And their nice design make them a very interesting item to collect.



German WW2 holsters available

On this page you will find various rare German holsters which are very much sought-after by historians and collectors. For example, we offered a super rare 1943 Schambach holster from the Berlin Police. We also displayed on this page a very nice 1942 Christof Neuner OAK 9 holster for the famous Mauser Walther P38 Luger P08, but also a Luger Pistol WW2 Pig Skin Holster erg 41. 

WW2 Japanese Nambu pistol holsters for militaria collections.

The Japanese Nambu Type 14 pistol is the "mythical" pistol of the Japanese Army during the WW2. There were 5 kinds of Nambu pistols. The first one, the Type 1, was invented in 1902. The most famous one is the Type 14 which has been mass produced for the Japanese soldiers before and during WW2. On this page you will find several authentic Japanese Nambu Type 14 holsters which are very nice memorabilia items and have a different design than American or German holsters from that time. 

Original American holsters like the Colt 1911 holsters

Old original Americans are not that easy to find online. On this page, we will select for you the most interesting US hosters we can find. For example, we displayed in April a splendid WWI US Army Mills Colt 1911 Swivel holster and a nice WW1 1917 Rock Island Arsenal US M1911 45 Automatic Cavalry holster H.H.H.. They are hard to find, but we also display authentic holsters from the American Civil War when we find some, there are very nice US Civil War leather holsters available online from time to time, sometimes in very good condition. 

How to find a holster here ?

It is very easy : look at our selection of rare hosters, click on the one you like, and we will automatically redirect you towards a secured site where you can easily get it. If you have any specific question about the authenticity of a holster, feel free to send us an email, we will be happy to help you.