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Collecting military bayonets :

Bayonets is one of the most popular weapons among militaria collectors. Bayonets was a key weapon during the infantry attacks from the 17th century to the trenchs of the WW1. On this page, you will find a selection of various rare bayonets available online, and also a selection of more common models. You are a fan of the US WW1 M1917 bayonet ? You collect all German militaria, like the WW2 K92 or K98 Mauser combat bayonets ? We also have some nice German bayonets from Robert Klaas in Erfurt. You prefer the famous bayonets from the French Tirailleurs or Legion Etrangere ? You want a British WW1 Bayonet with Scabbard ? Well you are on the right, place, we display more than 300 of them on this page. Click on the "Next page" button to see more common items. 



K98 Bayonets for collectors

The K98 bayonet is a very sought-after bayonet like all other WW2 German bayonets. The real name of the K98 bayonet is the SS84/98 III bayonet but it is often called "K98 bayonet" because this SS84/98 III bayonet was given to German soldiers with their K98 carbine (K meaning Karabiner in German). This bayonet has been mass-produced by the German army before and during WW2. Its blade has a length of 252 millimeters. It was also called M1884-98 III bayonet.

What is the value of a militaria bayonet ?

Well it depends, but an Original WW2 German K98 Bayonet Elite Diamant will be found around $500 while a more common WWII Japanese Type 30 Arisaka Bayonet should be below $100. Check this page from time to time, some rare militaria items are often overlooked by collectors and you will be able to get them without spending too much.

WW1 bayonets for collectors

WW1 bayonets are very popular among collectors. These last ones seek particularly the famous models of the German, English, American and French armies. Bayonets played a key role in WW1 during hand-to-hand combat in the trenches. They are beautiful military items with a history and we have selected the most interesting models for you on this page. 

Can you buy bayonets?

Of course, it is perfectly legal to buy a WW1 and WW2 bayonet. You can even buy it from a foreign seller. As these items are not explosive, they can legally be sent by regular mail. The sellers we have selected are used to sending vintage bayonets by mail to customers all over the world. It is also legal to purchase a modern bayonet and receive it by mail. 

What bayonet did the British use in WW1?

The bayonet most used by the British army during WW1 was the "Pattern 1907" bayonet. With its 430mm blade length, it was a particularly effective bayonet on the battlefield. This bayonet was attached to the Short Magazine Lee-Enfield. You can easily find a Pattern 1907 bayonet in our selection above. 

WW1 british Pattern 1907 bayonet

What was the bayonet used for in ww1?

Each army used a different type of bayonet. The British army used the Pattern 1907 with a 450mm blade. The French Army equipped each soldier's Lebel rifle with the famous Rosalie bayonet (also calledd 1886 bayonet) which was used extensively at Verdun and on the other major battlefields of WW1. The Americans used mostly the M1917 bayonet and the Germans used the G98 or M1884/98 bayonet. 

ww1 german bayonet


How long is a ww1 bayonet?

Each type of bayonet used during WW1 has a different length. The British Army Pattern 1907 had a 450mm blade. The French Rosalie bayonet had a blade that measured between 34 and 40cm. The US Army used the M1917 with a 17 inch (43 cm) blade. Finally, the German army's G98 bayonets measured between 25 and 40 cm. A long bayonet is easier to hit your opponent in hand-to-hand combat but is more difficult to handle. 

ww1 M1917 bayonet 

How to get a military bayonet from here ?

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